Who are we at the Franklin Bridge Performance Institute? We are a team of golfers with the experience to take you or your family to the places you want to go in the game of golf. Whether that’s elite professional and amateur tournament wins or a deeper level of enjoyment for the whole family, we are here to help you develop a game you’re proud of. And we don’t just teach you how to swing the club, we teach you how to score. So scroll on down, we’re sure you’ll find something for you.


Scott Hassee, PGA

Director of Player Development

Scott is the brains behind our performance institute. He has been teaching the game of golf since graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in Mathematics and Economics in 2010. He spent a decade honing his craft under one of the brightest minds in the game in Birmingham, AL before starting off on his own here at Franklin Bridge in April 2020. Scott is a 4-time recipient of the GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional Award and a winner of the 2019 Alabama Chapter Teacher of the Year.
His students have won hundreds of tournaments at the junior level, dozens at the collegiate level, and have been honored as All-Americans and even a National Championship. Scott has written two books on golf course strategy (The Champions Playbook and Golf Decoded) that have sold over 1,500 copies and he is the host and founder of the “No Mulligans” podcast (formerly The Champions Playbook Podcast) that has over 30,000 listens and is rated in the top 25% of all podcasts in the world. His teaching methods help you develop the golf swing that is unique to you that allows you to learn the fastest and make permanent lasting change in your motion. He and his team are trained in using the most effective means for motor learning and performance no matter your level of experience or ability.


Scott "Scooter" Wilkerson

Master Clubfitter

Scott Wilkerson, a Tennessee native, IS Golf. It is who he is, and we are all going to benefit greatly from it. For 20+ years, Scott has been fitting professional and amateur golfers alike… Chances are, when you work with him at the Bridge, he was just out on Tour fitting and working with PGA Tour Players! Here’s to utilizing Scott’s expertise and craftsmanship, and ultimately making the right equipment choices for you.


Elijah Tackett

Course Strategy Specialist and Clubfitter

Elijah joined the instruction team as our on course teaching professional in 2022 after playing professionally for two years. As a student of Scott’s teaching methods, he is well-versed in the performance and course strategy principles of Scott’s two books. Elijah combines his high level playing experience with the most powerful performance tools and principles of game theory to deliver that “on course performance” and application of technical skills that everyone strives for. He also serves as one of our clubfitters on staff, which when combined with the on-course work allows him to get the best tools in your hands to reach the goals that you have. He is passionate about helping people and effective at delivering those improvements to your game, and is the only teaching professional in the area dedicated to getting on the course with students to show them how to make the most of the game they have and are working toward.


Erica Feuerhelm

Junior Program Director & Instructor

Erica has been a part of the Franklin Bridge Performance Institute since its inception in April of 2020. Serving as an instructional intern the summers of 2020, 2021, 2022 she has been an instrumental component to the development of the entire program, and with the junior programming in particular. After playing Division 1 collegiate golf at Longwood University, Erica joined the team in a full-time capacity as the Director of Junior Programming in May of 2023. In this role she instructs, monitors performance, builds practices and directs juniors and their families as to the best route to achieve their child’s goals regardless of their skill level and objectives. Come join one of our junior programs, schedule lessons, and meet with Erica se we can serve your child and family in the best way possible!



There’s nothing quite like one-on-one hands-on instruction. You can start with either private technique instruction or on-course work through a 9 or 18 hole playing lesson.
Regardless of your starting point, we will be focused on creating a plan of attack for you to make the improvements you desire.

Individual Technique Instruction with Scott Hassee, PGA

  • 90 Minute Introductory Lesson Adult Technique- $175 *Includes TPI Evaluation
  • One Hour Adult Private Lessons: $175
  • 30-Minute Adult Private Lessons: $95
  • 60 Minute Junior/College Private Lessons (ages 12 and up): $100
  • 30 Minute Junior Private Lessons (ages 12 and up): $65
  • All Lessons include usage of 2 camera video, Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor and all
    students receive a thorough Player Profile w/ practice prescription
  • Packages and Regular Coaching Available See Packages (click to packages)
  • Small Group Private Sessions Available See Group Instruction

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On-Course Playing Lessons w/ Elijah Tackett

  • Prices listed are for adults and juniors
  • 2.5 Hour On Course Playing Lesson (9 Holes): $150
  • 4.5 Hour On Course Playing Lesson (18 Holes): $250
  • 2-3 Person On Course Playing Lesson (9 Holes): $200 (split amongst players)
  • 2-3 Person On Course Playing Lesson (18 Holes): $300 (split amongst players)


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Individual Junior Instruction w/ Erica Feuerhelm

  • 45 minute junior lesson age 11-13: $45
  • 30 minute junior lesson age 6-10: $30
  • 45 minute parent/child development meeting (12 and older): $50
  • Junior screening (12 and older): $25


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We are people that are built for community and it’s one of the things we are proud of and try to develop here at the Franklin Bridge Performance Institute. From the FREE River Club Clinics, to our Ladies Classes and topical group classes, we are here to connect you to other like-minded individuals to build a culture of improvement and performance. Want to save yourself a few dollars and come with a few buddies? Well, we have that too! Take a look below at our upcoming programs and classes.

Ladies (First) Clinics [MAY 2023]

The women’s segment of the game is the fastest growing segment in the game of golf!
Come join our growing ladies program and learn the time-tested and decades proven fundamentals that you need to either learn the game for the first time or refresh those fundamentals that even the best players in the world need to be reminded of! Our women’s programs are 3 weeks in length with 2 – 90 minute sessions each week that covers every aspect of the game
Cost: $300
Class Options
Option A: Tuesday/Thursday PM
Option B: Wednesday PM / Saturday AM

Come join us for a fun Ladies Golf Day here at Franklin Bridge as we partner with the 501c3 Fore The Ladies. What’s this organization about, and why are we partnering with them…well, their mission matches ours here at “Williamson County’s Public Country Club”:
Fore the Ladies, Inc., is a female-based community and 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that brings women together to learn how to play golf through events nationwide. We want to be the friend who helps women continue their journey with the game and participate in all that golf has to offer. We hope to make golf more accessible and approachable, while removing the expected barriers such as cost, intimidation and access.

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Hit it Far [SUMMER 2023]

The game is becoming a game of longer, longer, longer. Not only that, most golfers are leaking power all over the place leading to short, inaccurate drives and approach shots.
Come learn the most effective methods of power generation as well as get a free set of speed sticks to increase your speed through this 4 week class on gaining distance! You can hit it farther, you just have to do a little work and gain a little knowledge! Come join us!
Cost: $350 – four weeks PLUS speed sticks and training protocol
Class Options
Option A: Thursday PM
Option B: Saturday PM
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You Got a Friend in Me

Got a friend that you want to get some coaching with? Want to have that “accountability partner” to hold you to what you are working on and hold them to the same standard?
Maybe you just want to save some money. Whatever the case may be for adding a person to your lessons, we know that working on something and towards something collectively can be one of the most powerful transformational tools to your game. Our pricing is simple when you add someone to your private lesson: $25/person increase for instruction w/ Scott Hassee (60 minute or introductory lessons only), and $50 increase for a group with Elijah on the course. All of these are for a 3 person max group size. Click the Add-On Feature in the booking window to add an additional person. Please include the other player’s name and email under “other notes” when completing your booking.

Cracking the Code 4.0 (CTC 4.0) Registration Opens August 15th, 2023.

This is our MOST POPULAR program and it fills up quickly every year. We made some massive improvements to it in 3.0 and will be expanding and improving upon those changes even further into winter 2023/2024. This 4 month winter class leaves no stone unturned as we take a deep dive into making the big tough changes to bring your game to a whole new level of performance. With added teachers, screenings, technology and more, CTC 4.0 will be a class you don’t want to miss! Want to get a small taste of the benefits of this program that had over 30 adults and 20 juniors in 3.0? Check out our Regular Coaching / Packages at the bottom of this page! If the best players in the world have a coach and are in an environment of hard work and discipline, why wouldn’t you do the same?


Timeframe: September-October
Cost: $325 (7-9), $350 (10-13), $375 (14-16)
12 classes: 8 instruction/technique based, 4 “matches” / play based classes This 8 week program gets your child a complete taste of the game of golf as we develop the physical, mental, and movement skills required to effectively swing a golf club. This is open to all beginning and intermediate junior golfers ages 7-16. They will receive weekly instruction from our team and assistants as well as compete in small matches every other Wednesday utilizing the Operation 36 scoring system. As kids pass shorter yardages they’ll be permitted to move back to the next level and work to advance their skills. We will also screen your child once a month for acquisition of skills and to check overall physical development as is fitting with the TPI curriculum for developmental ages and stages.


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Starting at the close of our JUNIOR CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP will be our Junior Golf Play Days. Think of it a little like the Little League World Series but for golf. Juniors will be split into teams based on the finishing position in the junior club championship with several “at large bids” that will be “drafted” after the division is split with one of our elite players serving as the captain of each team and filtering all the way down to our beginners. These Play Days will feature different formats of play in 9-12 hole evening rounds that will be tallied and scored through the entirety of the year. Teams will be encouraged to have “team practices” with one of our instructors and assistants serving to facilitate these practices based on the needs of each group. For more information, contact us directly here.
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Is your child a more experienced golfer? Are they already well on their way to playing golf and in need of a disciplined and structured environment complete with stat tracking, practice assignments, and in-depth technique and course strategy education? Well, then our Pre-Elite / Elite ongoing junior golf program may be the perfect fit for your child! Each child must meet a minimum set of requirements in order to participate and they will be periodically screened for their performance and technique utilizing the TPI Junior Coaching Models and qualifications for advancement and participation. We are currently in the process of screening new golfers who, upon eligibility, may begin participation in June of 2023. To learn more, please reach out to us here: (OPENS THEIR EMAIL WITH AN AUTOMATED START TO THE EMAIL ON THE TOPIC OF INTEREST). This program is complete with individual and group instruction and so much more! Apply with us today!
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Our First Ever Junior Club Championship begins this October! Our championship is open to all ages and skill levels as we will have divisions all the way down to 25 yards for our youngest participants all the way up to our highest tournament tested champions from our Elite program. In order to participate in this two-day tournament kids must be enrolled in some form of instruction in the last 6 months, be a River Club member, or a child/grandchild of a River Club Member. We will also utilize this event to kickoff our Junior Golf Play Days that will run into the fall as we begin a “team mentorship” fun season long competition with all current and upcoming participants. More information on that program will be available in the coming weeks! If you’re interested in learning more about our Junior Club Championship eligibility and format, please contact us directly here.
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Golf is a sport that can be played for a lifetime and the families that play golf together, grow together! We have several FUN EVENTS planned for the second half of the year as we add a Director of Junior Development in June of 2023. If ANYONE in your family plays golf…you’ll want to come out for these fun events that will be held monthly for the foreseeable future! Want to be kept up to date on these events. Shoot us an email by clicking here.
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According to some recent studies, around 90% of golfers are improperly fit for their golf clubs. Getting properly fit not only helps you play better now, but it also sets up the swing and game you’re developing for the future. Whether you are simply wanting to get fit or looking for something more in depth with working on your swing and getting fit together, we are here to get the right set of clubs in your hand to make the game as enjoyable as possible and to improve your performance! With that said, we believe that clubfitting, instruction, and course strategy are inseparable from one another and believe firmly that if you’re looking to get fit for equipment but aren’t taking lessons, you should make room to do both! If you’re not in that place currently, we understand completely and look forward to getting the best fit in your hands as possible! So come on out and get fit! We are here to serve you!

Partial Bag Clubfit w/ Scott Wilkerson – $100 (60 minutes)
Full Bag Clubfit w/ Scott Wilkerson – $175 (90 minutes)
Partial Bag Clubfit w/ Elijah Tackett – $75 (60 minutes)
Full Bag Clubfit w/ Elijah Tackett – $125 (90 minutes)


Club Gapping

It’s essential that you know how far your clubs go! The fast majority of golfers don’t know precisely how far they hit each club, let alone which ones to use when and where. Utilizing our Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor we can do a total club gapping and bend clubs if needed to dial in those yardages. What’s the use of having a fancy range finder that will give you the
precise yardage if you don’t know precisely how far you hit each club?!
Book your club gapping today w/ Elijah Tackett – $75 (60 minutes)

Putter Fitting

$125/per hour
A One-Hour putter fitting experience including, but not limited to:
– Analysis of your current stroke and putting goals
– Utilization of state of the art Trackman putter technology
– Loft, lie, length, grip, and shaft recommendation
– Improved putting technique and form
– Putter fitting with all major brands represented
– Direction for instilling new putting stroke in practice and play


If the best players in the world have a regular coach, shouldn’t we all? The truth about the game of golf, and us as humans, is left to our own devices we tend to get pulled into our most dominant habits. We subtly fall off the rails even in the highest of intentioned and focused students. Our winter Cracking the Code model that we’ve run for the last three years has a waiting list every year for a reason: the regular coaching both on the range and on the course together is the best way to attack sustained, long-term improvement. Given it’s popularity we have several packages available for students as well as an on-going 3 month minimum commitment weekly package option for the individual and a small group of people! We encourage you to check those out below and reach out to us to get you started! We do limit the number of these offerings so it’s a first come – first served basis. Spots are already filling up so reach out to us today!

Total Game Package
On-going Group Package
On-going Individual Package
7 Lesson Package w/ Scott (15% off)
7 Lesson Package w/ Elijah (15% off)